The Doing Effect - Episode 3: Dr Rupy Aujla

The Doing Effect - Episode 3: Dr Rupy Aujla

Everyone wants transformational growth but what we often fail to realise is that small changes and choices actually compound over time – building momentum and driving progress.

Hosted by Great Britain Rugby 7s player and Olympic Silver Medalist Tom Mitchell "The Doing Effect” dives into the mindsets of a range of every day people doing extraordinary things.

We meet founders, athletes, adventurers and activists and explore their shared commitment to having a positive impact and making the most of their time.

Dr Rupy Aujla is the doctor with a prescription that could really change the lives of millions of people.

He started out helping people as an NHS doctor working in emergency medicine, then life took a turn for him as he discovered that food could provide the road to widespread health improvements. This conversation is full of Rupy’s charm as a wonderful human being. He charts us through the waters of his own health journey and offers some true nutritional wisdom that everyone can apply to their lives.

You may be most struck by the way he has leaned into his passion and his drive to take that global, but all the while he's approached things with humility and honesty.

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