The Doing Effect - Episode 4: Dan Lowes

The Doing Effect - Episode 4: Dan Lowes

Everyone wants transformational growth but what we often fail to realise is that small changes and choices actually compound over time – building momentum and driving progress.

Hosted by Great Britain Rugby 7s player and Olympic Silver Medalist Tom Mitchell "The Doing Effect” dives into the mindsets of a range of every day people doing extraordinary things.

We meet founders, athletes, adventurers and activists and explore their shared commitment to having a positive impact and making the most of their time.

Dan Lowes has spent much of his adult life moving at a hundred miles an hour, quite literally.

When he was signed up to the Royal Air Force at nineteen years of age Dan was starting to live out his childhood dream of being a fighter pilot. He moved steadily through the ranks eventually donning the red overalls of the world renowned elite aerobatic display team the Red Arrows. 

Dan shares some of his experiences of being in a high performance environment including some of the methods he used to be his best self. But mostly his story is about belief in a dream, a lesson in being able to decide a future for ourselves.

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