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Imagine never being hungover again.

Beer is about more than getting drunk. It’s about celebration, relaxation, opening up and letting yourself go. Our zero alcohol beer provides the same taste, smell and sensation of beer… without the fuzzy head, dry mouth and existential dread.

100% Beer
0% Alcohol

100% beer that’s 100% natural
Only plant based ingredients
Locally sourced water and ingredients
B Corporation Certified

"The best non-alcoholic pale ale. Edinburgh brewer Days gets everything right."

"A crisp, refreshing 0.0% lager that tastes just as good as the real thing. Perfect for sipping without getting sloshed."

"Hops without the hangover: not a dream, but a reality at Days, which makes all-natural alcohol-free lager using plant-based ingredients. Ideal for having in-between regular bottles to regulate drinking, or replacing if you’re off the sauce for a bit, the brand offers lager as well as pale ale."