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  • Do you remove any alcohol from Days beer?

    No, removing the alcohol from a full strength beer involves high temperature techniques that can impact the flavour. Unlike other alcohol free beers, we have developed a technique that doesn’t produce alcohol.

  • Is there alcohol in Days beer?

    No, Days is alcohol free (0.0%)!

  • What do you mean by "Beer for Doing"?

    We like to think of Days as a great lifestyle addition for our community and Beer For Doing recognises all of the positive reasons why people choose to moderate their alcohol consumption. For our community, it’s about more than simply being the designated driver or wanting to avoid a hangover. Studies have shown many benefits of reducing alcohol consumption - maybe you want to improve your energy levels; improve your sleep; improve your mental well being; train for a competition… we understand. That’s why we created a beer that works with you.

  • How many calories does a bottle of Days beer contain?

    DAYS is a lower calorie alternative to full strength beer as it contains up to 50% less kcal. We have a variety of beers and we always make the calorie count clearly visible on our website and packaging.

  • Is Days beer vegan?

    Absolutely. Many breweries add lactose to the recipes but we’ve been able to deliver an outstanding taste using plant based ingredients.

  • Is Days beer gluten free?

    Gluten is a protein found in cereals such as wheat, rye and barley which causes coeliac disease in a small percentage of the population. Days isn't a gluten free beer due to the use of barley.

  • How is Days beer brewed?

    DAYS put flavour first with our novel fermentation and cold conditioning techniques that includes a unique double fermentation. This involves transferring our beer to a secondary vessel for further maturation. This step improves the balance of the beer’s flavours and aromas and produces a cleaner and smoother finish. Unlike other alcohol free beers, we don’t need to remove any alcohol from the process and are able to protect the integrity of our ingredients from the stresses of alcohol evaporation throughout.

  • Do I need an alcohol license to sell Days?

    Days beer is considered alcohol free under European guidelines. This means you don't need an alcohol license to sell our beer!