Scotland born and brewed

It was a healthy dose of fortune (and the last flight out of London pre lockdown) that led to us brewing our beers at home in Scotland. We use water from the Lammermuir hills which is softer and therefore perfect for making crisp 0.0% beer styles and premium malt barley grown locally to our brewery outside of Edinburgh. We’re committed to using the finest local ingredients and very proud to be building on a rich history of brewing in Scotland.

100% beer
0% alcohol

We wanted beer without alcohol. Anything other than 0.0% abv felt like a compromise. After a year of testing we landed on a unique process that’s specifically designed to never produce alcohol. It allows us to protect all of the flavour and integrity of our premium ingredients without needing to use harsh de-alcoholisation treatments which are more common in the industry. It means all of our beers are 0.0% and we pride ourselves in offering a really clear option to anyone choosing to cut back on alcohol. They said it would be impossible to create a great tasting beer at 0.0% abv. So we’ve created two… so far.

Beer for doing

This whole thing started with beer. It’s the world’s oldest social network and brings people together better than anything else. We felt that beer was losing its relevance and wanted to create something fit for modern mindsets, that offers all those “beer moments” without the side effects. It’s brewed to pair with you and your lifestyle. That’s why we call it Beer for Doing.

It's about more beer, not less

Days has never been about serious words like no & low, less or moderation. It’s about doing more. More with our time and enjoying more beer in more occasions. It’s also (hopefully) about having a few laughs along the way. Great taste, great flavour, great times, zero downsides - that’s why we exist.