Brewed with purpose

When we started Days during lockdown 2.0 we knew we wanted to create a business that’s a force of good. Getting that right hasn’t always been easy, and we’ve made plenty of mistakes along the way. That said, being about more than just selling beers makes the manic days and the sleepless nights all the more worthwhile.

As a result, a central pillar of our business became Days Duty. An initiative to give 2% of all sales to organisations that empower fresh thinking towards mental health, mirroring the Duty that alcohol companies pay the government as tax. It’s time to open up a new conversation about alcohol and its effect on our mental and physical fitness. And we want every days sold to have a positive impact.

THE WAVE project

In 2022, we’re partnering with the incredible Wave Project, as part of our ongoing commitment to progressive mental health initiatives. Our Days Duty donation will directly support and fund the training of up to 1,000 new surf mentors across the UK in 2022 covering:

  • • Online training portals
  • • In-water training sessions
  • • Lifeguard training
  • • Safeguarding costs
  • • Volunteer resources

Being a b-corp

Something else which was super important to us right from the offset was becoming a B-Corp certified company. To become a certified B Corp, you’re checked, checked, and checked again to ensure that your business is meeting the highest standards of social and environmental performance.

In November 2021, we did just that, joining a thriving group of brands from all around the world who believe, as we do, that a business should be more than just profit making entities. Gone are the days of businesses marking their own homework.


We’re incredibly proud of our initial score of 105.1, but are always looking to improve... bring on 2024.

  • Governance16.4

  • Workers20.6

  • Community39.4

  • Environment24.0

  • Customers4.5

To become B-Corp you need a score of 80+, so yeah, we’re pretty stoked with our score.

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