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  • What’s the benefit of subscribing?

    You’ll receive 10% off all orders, 2x Minutes on every purchase, access to exclusive perks and you’ll never have to worry about re-stocking the fridge.

  • How do I pause my deliveries?

    Want to take a holiday? No problem! You can select ‘my subscriptions’ in your account portal to amend your subscription. Alternatively, just shoot us a text on +447830343297 or email and a member of our dedicated team will help.

  • I’ve accidentally subscribed, how do I change this?

    You can change or cancel your subscription by logging into your account, selecting ‘my subscriptions'. If an order was processed and you didn’t expect the money to be taken out of your account, please get in touch with us on or text us on +447830343297

  • Can I change my payment method?

    Yes, you can update you payment method in the account portal.

  • How can I contact you?

    You can contact us via SMS on +447830343297 or on email at

  • When should I expect my delivery?

    In general we deliver within 2-4 days of the transaction date. If you’re having issues, contact us via text on +447830343297 or

  • Can I get a VAT invoice for my deliveries?

    Of course! Email us at and we’ll get that over to you right away.

  • Help, my order hasn’t arrived!

    Oops! If you’ve ordered more than one case and part of your order has not arrived, there is still a chance it will be delivered separately. However, occasionally our deliveries can get damaged or lost in transit. If you suspect this has happened, drop us a text on +447830343297 or email at with the order reference and a member of our dedicated team will help.