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Pleasant but on a blind taste test I wouldn't guess it was lager

The lager tastes nice enough but not what I would associate with a beer. More like a sparkling fruit juice. It is refreshing though.

Pale Ale Cans
Angela G.
Excellent product.

Having been a real ale drinker for many years and finally having to quit the alcohol,trying to find a good non-alcohol alternative has been very hard but I think Days pale ale is the best by far. Can you produce the cans in 440 ml size, they disappear too quick!

Genuinely the best thing since sliced bread!

I’ve been looking for a way to reduce my drinking, especially mid week etc, but always struggled with other alcohol free beers in the past. That was until I tried Days. I first sampled it at The Freedom Ride, and now this is my go-to alcohol free beer. I particularly love the Pale Ale, it’s crisp and refreshing - a real treat, I highly recommend. Thanks Days!

Drink awareness

I divided to but down on my drinking mainly wine every night. Do decided to give this ago and decrease my drinking by at least 3/4 days without alcohol. I went for the mixed case and was really surprised it tasted pretty good. It really help my craving for the days I decided to stop without finding a reason to pour another glass if wine. I feel better and will continue this journey with many more Days of 0 alcohol, thanks team great product .

Cans Mixed Pack
Stewart P.
First time online order

Love this product, delivered on time, tastes great. Best tasting pale ale ever.

Pale Ale Cans
William M.
Excellent Pale Ale

As a previous bottled pale ale consumer, I knew the taste was good. Going on my self imposed No alcohol 6 months I immediately turned to Days. But in cans. Thought a subscription would be a great idea too ( your going to drink it, it's easier ,safer to transport/store ) there is a discount.
Best of all, your Pale Ale is in my opinion the Best 0% I've tasted.

Best 0%s I've Ever Had

No non-alcoholic beers compare to the Days Pale Ale. I've now got a subscription and recommend them to every friend who wants a cleaner 0% alternative but still enjoy a crisp beer every now and again.

Don't wait to have your drinking life changed!


Superb!! Best alcohol free beer I have tasted by far. I shall definitely buy more. Would appreciate 500ml bottles though. Have you any such plans?

Pale Ale Bottles
Richard P.
A Genuine Alternative

The search for the low or no-alcohol alternative to the IPA I started consuming during the lockdown has now come to an end. This stuff is terrific. I reckon there are very few alternatives that I haven't searched for, purchased and tried. This is hands down the best so far. I first encountered it after a Cycle Sportive in Oxford when I was handed a free bottle as we crossed the finish line. It didn't taste like beer-flavoured water, so that was a promising start. It's properly tasty. And I'm not looking anywhere else any longer.

Lager Bottles
Daryl T.
Pleasant alcohol free lager

Trying various alcohol free lagers to find one which tastes most similar to beer. This is a refreshing lager, but you can tell it is alcohol free as it still has that slightly odd flavour you get with some alcohol free beers.

I’ve subscribed for 18 mixed bottles every two weeks just need some sun in Edinburgh 🌧️

Mixed box 👍🏻 The larger has a very crisp not crappy taste with a good premium ahhhh to it! I’ve had the bottles as anything from a can I tend to put it in a bowl for 🐕 when you pull an IPA out it’s not a pulled cask boom but for a pale ale I’d give a solid 8.5 so I’m gonna try not so chilled to get a 9 😳 I’ve subscribed for 18 mixed 2 weekly but checking I’m no1 stop of 78 🥊opened a Guinness 0:0 👍🏻 now!! 🤣

Next level office beers

We first heard about Days when we met the owners at a wedding in 2022, lovely guys and the beer is excellent. We had to stock up the office fridge when we got back so Days was the obvious choice, kick off the day with some craft coffee then later in the day crack open a great-tasting AF beer makes for the perfect day!

Tasty beer

Great service. Great beer.

Grea value

These taste great - lager is crisp and the pale ale has body - will be buying again

Thoroughly enjoyable…

I’ve been drinking 0% beers for some time, and was introduced to Days by one of my favourite restaurants. It’s place of origin was a plus for me to. Lager is great. I’m used to drinking 0% IPAs from a couple of your competitors (including one based where you are)and found the pale ale had a little less flavour to my taste. I think you beat others on price and I will happily order both pale ale and lager again.

Thoroughly pleased with purchase!

I bought these beers for my husband as I’m trying to help him be healthier. He’s a lager man really but I bought the mixed pack. He actually liked the pale ale just as much as the lager. He thoroughly enjoyed them and are great for his ‘dry’ days which I have encouraged. I’m sorry but I don’t drink beer at all so can’t give my opinion other than I got an excellent service and highly recommend. Well done Days Brewing Company! 5 star business!

Pale Ale Cans
Floortje B.
tasty. Great service

I tracked down this ale after being served it in a pub in Oxford. I hope it starts being served in my home town of Glasgow more widely. One of the better 0.0% I've tasted in a long time. The online shop offers free delivery which is a huge plus.
Keep up the good work folks.

Best I have tasted

Never been a fan of no/low alcohol beers, perhaps only Punk NA and Nanny State are drinkable just!), but this beats them both hands down. I was drinking IPA most nights, but felt the need to reduce intake, and this is a huge help in that regard, already feel fresher and fitter, really pleased, customer service excellent as well.

Pale Ale Cans
Hadyn P.
Best by far

Best alcohol free Pale Ale I have found. I like drinking beer and still do on weekends - but weekday evenings the choice is normally diet coke, elderflower, organic squash etc. Days Pale Ale is so much better! Keep up the good work.

Wow just wow

Just drunk my first pale ale and it really was a wow.bit of body, fruity with a nice bitter finish. Didn’t think you could make a zero alcohol beer this good. The lager is also light, refreshing and very drinkable. 16 bottles to but I’ll be back. Top drawer Days

Taster Pack
Sarah R.
Great service

Ordered to taster pack as a gift for someone, fab web site, and super fast delivery, could not fault.

Pale Ale Cans
Neil M.
A Refreshing Change

First ordered these as I was tired of the same tasting non-alcoholic offers.
Found them to be a great change up in flavour, very refreshing and a nice alternative to drinking alcohol. A thoroughly versatile drink that gives me some good options of beverage at home.

Lager Cans
Jill W.
Great taste

Love this alcohol free lager. Will definitely re order. I did dry February and will continue now as I have found a really good beer. Love it

Great Service, Great Beer

Just getting into 0%….. love my beer but the Pale Ale and Lager are the best I have had….all at a really good price. Keep up the good work!

Great taste

Great taste probably the best non alcoholic pale ale I have tasted.