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Pale Ale Cans
Timothy A.
refreshing & great tasting

I have only tried the Pale Ale so far and I admit I was a little concerned by the tasting notes which mentioned a grapefruit finish. I'm not a fan of craft ale that really "grabs" your throat. However, I needn't have worried. The beer is best served chilled but not fridge cold, it has depth and multiple taste layers ending with a noticeable citrus finish that is pleasing to the my palate.

I have placed a further order!

Cans Mixed Pack
Michael S.
Non-Alcholic Beer

Great tasting in different flavours - ideal drink anytime of day. Calorie controlled never feel drunk again.

Lager Cans
Grant R.
A New Days Has Arrived

A really good brew with all of the taste and none of the hangover ! Love it !!

Cans Mixed Pack
Brandon H.
Surprisingly good

Great product, the IPA is best in my opinion and it was quite easy to forget this is 0 alcohol. Will buy again and I am sure this will help me drink less. Top work.

Lager Cans
Matt C.
Best non alcoholic beer ever

Light and refreshing - this is surely the best NAB in the business. Quick delivery too. Love it.

Tasty beer without compromise

I was really surprised how nice the beer was - the previous reviews I’d read prior to purchase were spot on.

I have been enjoying the case without fear of a fuzzy head the next day! Recommended

Great taste, value, & quality

Having given up alcohol for many years, I was not convinced there was an alternative, non-alcoholic beer available that could be enjoyed. How wrong could I be. Genuinely thirst quenching, exceptionally tasty, and with none of the adverse effects of alcohol. Love both the ale and the lager

Pale Ale Cans
Melvyn K.
Good beer

I was pleasantly surprised with the taste of this ale and would definitely buy again. As a preference I would like my beer to be darker so will look out get and new beers.

Days IPA & Larger

Great Beer!

Beer without the drawbacks!

I love my Days beer - feels like I’m having a proper drink, a little treat at the end of the day but Ieaves you with a clear head. It’s also not over-processed and is low calorie.

Pale Ale Bottles
Frances A.
Great find

A lightly hoppy pale ale. No flavour lost with the lack of alcohol. The freshness endures from the consumption to the after effects - clear headed no loss of energy. Finally no missing out on flavour to maintain a healthy life.

Cans Mixed Pack
Charlotte G.
Can’t get enough!

I am absolutely loving the mix of lager and pale ale that this pack offers. This beer is a great alternative if you’re looking to cut down on your alcohol consumption. I am rationing the amount I have per week as I contemplate increasing my subscription rate. A fantastic product with a great message. I’ve found my mental health has improved and it’s lovely that Days gives back to mental health charities also. Customer service is always so helpful and the whole team come across as a really genuine, heartfelt company. Thank you!

Pale Ale Cans
Georgina D.
Love it!

Bought this in the slim hope that we had found a non alcoholic beer that actually tasted like beer. Purchased the pale ale and loved it. Have really enjoyed it in the recent hot weather. Will be ordering again and will try the lager next time. Thankyou.

Lager Cans
Phil P.
Nice alternative to lager

Very refreshing drink with all the flavour traits of lager.

What’s with the BIG packaging?

Let me start by saying the beer is amazing. Different, and refreshing. And I love what Days stand for as a company. However… why are they sending beer bottles in such a big box all of a sudden? It takes me 10 mins and 2 recycling bags to get rid of. Can’t we go back to something that’s simpler (and smaller) rather than me needing to go through is breaking down exercise every few weeks?


Seriously the finest NA beer I have tasted. Will certainly be ordering more in the future.

Great tasting beer

Went alchohol free on the 1st August and had heard good things about DAYS. Gave the mixed tins pack a try initially and then 12 bottles which are very good. Almost 40 days AF and DAYS has made the transition much easier. Give them a go, think you will be pleasantly surprised!

Pale Ale Cans
Andy M.
Great taste and refreshing!

Great tasting non alc beer and refreshing too.

Pale Ale Cans
Rachel R.
Incredible Pale Ale!

I've tried many non-alcoholic beers over recent years and this is easily the best one I've tried! You've managed to pack in all of the flavours of a great pale without any of the alcohol. Will 100% be buying more. Thanks guys - keep up the great work!

Hits the spot!

Refreshing with a delicious hoppy burst and a crisp citrus finish. I love it! I'm teetotal but this refreshes without needing to sleep it off, I can stay almost as sharp as the finish on this beer.

Excellent tasting brew, especially the pale ale which is my personal preference although, the lager was good too. Refreshing taste when chilled. I would highly recommend it.

Cans Mixed Pack
anthony s.
Days mixed pack

Easy ordering and quick delivery . Really tasty thirst quenching product . Will be ordering more .

Cans Mixed Pack
Christopher B.
Worth a try

I enjoyed both the lager and pale ale, refreshing and with subtle bite. We enjoyed mixing it with lemonade for shandy and it works very well. good to drink and no slugs found in our aspects of the day following.

Pale Ale Cans
Elizabeth B.
Refreshing drink without the hangover

I and my husband have been enjoying the pale ale this summer. We'd already largely given up alcohol so this was a happy discovery, Recommended it the other day to someone who suffers badly from hangovers!

Chill out

Relaxing with a more hassle...great pale ale right to your door/glass....Hmmmmmm crisp hoppy ... caramel....fruity/apple?...Gobsmacking!.