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In a tinny!

Fits nicely into my stubby holder, keeps cold and goes down well!

Lager Cans
Raissa D.
Amazing beer

I’ve been trying different types of alcohol free beers and Days is so far the best choice.

Brilliant Alcohol-free Ale

I love Days Pale Ale - it tastes exactly like the real thing(even my friends who drink alcohol like it) I decided to have cans in the house because they’re easier to take out with me on days out.

Pale ale cans

I know the beer is the same but I think I prefer it out of bottles.

Pale Ale Bottles
Andrew H.
I didn’t expect it to be so good

Very good beer, in a blind tasting, no one correctly identified the non alcoholic Days pale ale. Really good taste amd excellent delivery.


Amazing, the IPA and the Lager are excellent. So much better being 0%. I seem to enjoy them even more.

Lager Cans
jackie A.W.
Really lovely

Love these lagers. Have tried lots of different AF beers and these are my favourite.

Lager Cans
Arthur C.
Excellent - can highly recommend

Loved the lager in bottles or cans - slimmer can style I prefer. I’ve been recommending it to friends and venues that don’t seem to stock many zero alcohol products

Taster Pack
Gareth B.
Very pleasant

I tried the taster pack and it went down very well. I must admit I most like the branding, the beer itself is fine (I would struggle to tell the difference with normal beer!)

A decent go, shame about the sweetness

Firstly - this is very much a decent shot at an AF lager. I've drunk loads over the past 4 years and this really isn't bad. I bought the mixed case of cans to allow me to try both their offerings, so far I've only tried the lager, The cans are so much more convenient than bottles. These beers are definitely better than any from the big breweries.

I love the company ethos.

Delivery was super quick (next day)

For me and my taste - a little too sweet. Not as sweet as some, but definitely sweeter than others.

A really good go, but for me it probably won't become my "go to" beer.

Cans Mixed Pack
Kerena F.
Cans mean a lighter recycling bin!!

I switched my subscription to cans as soon as they were released - the beer tastes every bit as good, but now it's easier to carry and my recycling bin weights much less!!

Cans Mixed Pack
Matthew M.

Discovered Days after a sports event. Very nice, very refreshing, and has become my go to alcohol free beer. Both the lager and ale are good and the new cans are a welcome addition.

Best 0% ale and beer out there !

If you want great fresh tasting 0% beers you definitely can’t go wrong with days super refreshing and easy on the eye! Great delivery order by 2pm get them next day and very helpful and great customer service always! I’ve been drinking days for a few months now and honestly have never looked back! So what are you waiting for if your looking for a beer for all the doing that your doing days is the best beer for the doing so it says on the bottle and boy it’s so true !

Cans Mixed Pack
Stuart L.
Thirsty Scot

Excellent service next day delivery.
I love the taste of the IPA and lager so they are must haves during the summer!

Pale Ale Cans
Andy B.
Right up there with the best

I ordered the pale ale in cans. There is a reasonable amount of fizz without making the pour unmanageable. The beer is quite dark and certainly looks the part. The head is slight - as I like it - but sustains. There is a lovely mouth feel to this IPA - and the taste sustains like a beer with alcohol. There is a slight sweetness, reminiscent of caramel, within the flavour which is just this side of pleasant for me. Perhaps that's where the browness has come from. But overall, this is a very quaffable beer that invites you back for more. A larger can would be the only change I'd ask for. Probably the best 0% IPA I've tasted this year.


Tasty beer and a really nice drink to have around a bbq! I wouldn’t recommend switching to it after a few alcoholic beers, but as a NA option, definitely one of the best I’ve had! Also, lack of hangover - winner!!

Wonderful summer refresher

Loved your pale ale. Nice balance of sweet fruit and bitter hops makes this a perfect refreshing summer drink.

Cans Mixed Pack
Matthew T.

Days beers and Ales are the closest I’ve found to an alcoholic beer or ale. The taste is crisp and refreshing and the best past no hangover if you have one too many.

Delivery was fantastic and has been on both occasions of ordering they’ve arrived within 48 hours of ordering. Great product and delivery service. Would definitely invest in these if you want a great alternative to an alcoholic drink.

Taster Pack
Olly P.
It's fine

I like the branding and the beer itself is perfectly good. For complete zero percent, it's probably one of the best, but there are better low percentage beers. Especially for the money.

Cans Mixed Pack
Andrew M.
Not bad for alcohol-free!

Bought this after enjoying a very welcome free AF lager bottle at the end of a cycle sportive. Anything cold and wet is welcome in such circumstances, but both the pale ale and the lager have proved equally welcome under ordinary conditions, especially in the current sweltering weather. OK, they don't have the depth and intensity of flavour of the 5+% alternatives, but they're still a pleasure to drink, with none of the inevitably unpleasant consequences of having one too many.

Delicious, authentic, crisp, best AF IPA on the market

Thoroughly enjoyed this AF IPA having heard good reviews from my mate while we’re on a bit of a health kick while craving a bevvie. I was impressed by its flavour - slightly bitter with a fruity aftertaste - and its level of gasiness, which is far more pleasant than other AF beers I’ve tasted. I’ll certainly be coming back for more.

Pale Ale Bottles
Richard M.
Soooo Good

I tried your beer at The Freedom Ride and it hit the spot on a hot summers. I enjoyed it so much I put in an order and it didn’t disappoint. So refreshing and no after effect.
Will be putting in another order very soon.

Surprisingly good!

Stumbled across the product on WhatsApp and took a gamble in terms of order as not been a fan of LA beer.......what a pleasant surprise 😀

Fantastic IPA

I chose Days because I was actively seeking a great tasting zero beer. My husband and I sit and have a beer each evening and discuss our day. It had to taste like proper beer and be made in UK. Days IPA is outstanding. I can enjoy a cold bottle or two and still drive to somewhere, do the things I want to do. Perfect thank you x

Taster Pack
Ruth N.G.
Good taster pack

Love the 2 different flavours within the pack. Loving the pale ale, first one that I have tried which I am enjoying having not drunk alcohol in 10 years I am really loving the ale.