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Mixed Pack
Lee E.

Throughly enjoyed the lager and pale ale from Days will definitely be ordering some more!

Days Pale Ale
Oliver H.
Have a beer, then go for a run!

Truly tasty and truly alcohol free pale ale is the sweet spot. Yum

The pale ale is great!

Loving the Days pale ale! Great non alcoholic beer!

Taster Pack
Fabulous AF beer

Lovely and light with no bitter after taste. Another brilliant option for us soberistas out there.

Taste like lager and Pale Ale

I ordered a taster pack and was not disappointed it taste like the real thing great job !!

Days Pale Ale
Bernard F.

I had my first bottle after a challenging bike ride a fortnight ago, and was persuaded to buy a case or two. Both the customer service and the beer did not disappoint.

Approachable, refreshing and a joy to behold, and that was just the customer service!

Keep it up gents, and I will be in touch when the initial order has evaporated.

Mixed Pack
Heather R.
Great beers 🍻

Bought a mixed pack of lager and pale ale. Very tasty and would recommend.
Feels good knowing I won’t have a headache the next day.
Thank you Days Brewing

Mixed Pack
Kash P.
Love the Taste!

Proper Beer. Ihave been Alcohol free for 100 days! I didn’t miss beer, or wine etc., initially but now the evenings are longer, I just fancy a nice cool drink after a hot, long day working in the garden. Your Beer, and lager just hits the spot. Elderberry cordial drinks etc are fine but a bit sweet. I love the Pale ale drink , and because it’s 0% I am not addicted and feel the need to have 3 or 4!( Sorry not what you want to hear.)

Taster Pack
Natalie H.
The future of beer?

As I’ve been getting older, I’ve really stopped wanted to drink lots of alcohol because of various factors (hangovers affecting the next day, high calorie content of beer). Days has been a saviour! I love being able to have one at the end of the day and still get that buzz without any of the guilt from “normal” beer. I’ll definitely be keeping some in the fridge, and hope I can convert some friends, too. Four stars as I’m not as keen on the lager as the pale ale. That being said: keep up the good work, guys!

Taster Pack
James G.
Unique taste, not sure I love it though

I’m experimenting with a lot of no alcohol beers at the moment and Days IPA and lager were top of my “to try” list. The lager has a very dry, beer-like taste which is frankly indistinguishable from its alcoholic counterparts but I found it a little too flat and not particularly refreshing. The IPA does have that really hoppy kick, but in quite a crowded market of no-alcohol IPAs now, I’ve found ones I loved more, for less money.

Mixed Pack
Melanie G.
The best 0% alcohol beer I’ve tried

Days really meets my need for a cold beer without the alcohol! It tastes great and I actually prefer the flavour. I bought a mixed box of lager and pale ale and they are both delicious and I will definitely buy again! Please don’t run out!

Light, refreshing and tasty!

Light, refreshing and tasty. Great when designated driver, or after a particularly stressful work day! A great alternative to the alcohol equivalent!

Days Pale Ale
Patrick F.
My favourite zero-alcohol beer!

In fact maybe my favourite beer full stop!

Taster Pack
Caroline A.A.
Not tried yet

This has just arrived and is for my husband who likes his beer!

Days Lager
Rod H.
I've Tried a few. This is the best.

Definitely a more fuller taste. Very refreshing just what you need after a hard day.
Worth the subscription. Think I'm going to try the Pale ale.
Super fast delivery.

Taster Pack
Elizabeth M.
One good, one not good

Love the pale ale but can't stomach the lager at all! It tastes like banana

Great taste

Non-alcoholic beers have improved massively in the last 5 years, just in time for age making the (after) effects of alcohol far less enjoyable for me! This is definitely one of the better ones amongst what is now a pretty strong field.

Mixed Pack
Rhona R.
Two pack

Great taste and really loved the fact that I didn’t feel sluggish after….full of energy !

Mixed Pack
Epic beer

Ordered a mixed pack and I was not disappointed.
The Pale ale is defo my favourite. These guys have got a beautiful craft product.
Could not recommend more.
First class.

Days Pale Ale
david s.

The pale ale is delicious .

Mixed Pack
Simon W.
Perfect alternative

This is a fantastic tasting beer (especially the lager) with none of the downsides. It’s my go to for non drinking days which is a damn site easier to do now!
Tried a lot of these over lockdown and this is right up there with Lucky Saint

Days Lager
tracy b.
Absolutely perfect

Lovely flavoured lager, tasted this at The Kitchin, Leith and really enjoyed it. Was delighted to be able to order direct - service was excellent and fast delivery.

Mixed Pack
Steve L.
Bought on a whim, so pleased I did

I've been trying out different non-alcoholic drinks (getting too old for hangovers) and saw an ad for Days, and being so reasonably priced I thought I'd try a mixed case. Service was fantastic. I love both the lager and IPA, both really flavoursome and refreshing. Great taste, great service.

Days Pale Ale
James W.
A good alternative to alcoholic beer

I really enjoyed the pale ale. It’s nice to have an alcohol free drink in the style of an ale. It’s not that much like a pale ale but definite beer qualities- hoppy and pleasantly bitter. I enjoyed it and will drink again

Days Lager
Fiona O.
Best alcohol free larger Iv tried!

I continue to enjoy that after work cold drink with a Days alcohol free Larger, I love the clean taste while knowing my tomorrow morning will offer a clear fog free head. Excellent customer service, I will be re ordering as it is a firm new favourite.