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I am so used to the awful fizzy, metallic tasting 0% brews that have been offered to us over the last few years, that it has become a bit of a holy grail mission for me to find one that tastes remotely like it should. Up until now I have found 0% Guinness & 0% Cobra Beer to be the only 2 palatable beers on the market. Then I tasted the Days Pale Ale & Lager on pure spec from what Olly Smith had said about them. I trust his judgement & it turned out to be rightfully so.
The caramel & tropical fruit tones of the Pale Ale are amazingly addictive & enjoyable. The Lager is gentle & very quaffable. There is nothing between the two that put me into ‘sip gently, ditch & don’t try again!’ mode.
Well done to all involved from a Real Ale & Lager lover that always has to drive. Thank you!

Like the flavour and the fact they don’t bloat you up like other non alcoholic beers

Days Pale Ale

I approached this with a degree of reservation and trepidation if I'm honest. I've tried a few low and zero alcohol drinks and every one has both figuratively and literally left a sour taste in my mouth however I do actually like the taste of this product. I've had 2 of the 12 and I will still reserve final judgement based on the time and place of consumption of the rest (e.g. just back from the gym, having a barbeque, maybe not driving the car). Good product so far....

Pale Ale Cans
Mark D.
Really tasty beer

Having tried a few of the zero alcohol beers that are available I have to say that Days has the most depth of flavour of any that I have tried so far.

Really tasty

Thought I'd try these, tried the Pale Ale's ok but appreciate everyone has different tastes. I will drink these. I then tried the lager, didn't like this, has minimum flavor but it did make me think I was drinking out of something that had been chemically cleaned. Service and delivery was good, no complaints. I'd definitely choose pale ale over the lager.

Zero alcohol pleasure

Both products have excellent flavour and are two of my favourite alcohol free drinks.
In my latest package was a conveniently shaped glass, simple and practical, both for drinking and washing it.
Delivery was prompt after order.
I approve very much of some of the profits going to mental health charities.

Pale Ale Cans
Jamie T.
Best by far

I have tried several different 0% ales and the pale ale by Days is by far the best. 2 cans in and I was hooked, they taste great and are refreshing on a warm day. Keep up the good work

Cans Mixed Pack
Jonathan L.
pale ale is awesome

pale ale is awesome, the lager - best 0% i have tasted. Exceptional product will defo be purchasing more.

Pale Ale Cans
David P.
New lease of life

I stopped drinking alcohol 5 months ago and with all the none alcohol around now it makes it so easy all my friends love a beer and even they think it’s great they have started drinking days now and again and I don’t feel left out when we get together at social events we have great nights and now great mornings feeling fresh instead of craggy and hung over so thanks days keep up the great work the taste is amazing

Pale Ale Cans
James F.
Surprisingly Good

I’ve tried a number of different non and low alcohol beers and ales and this is by far the best. I look forward to having a Days, whilst with other brands, I’ve begrudgingly drank it…. ☺️

Party pack

I loved the beer. I can barely sense it's not alcoholic

Cans Mixed Pack
Anthony W.
Low Alcohol Trip

My usual beer tipple was 4.5abv but saw a promotion for a beer at 3.8abv so bought some and found it quite pleasant which seeing as the nurse on my last check up didn't seem to like me knocking back 42 units a week made me think how low can I get and still have that beer taste so now in the process of going round all the supermarkets checking out their less than 0.5abv beers (what fun) I can honestly say I find Days up there with the best, oh and strangely enough I'm not missing the alcohol at all and I've lost over a kilo in weight, must get on beer to drink.

Very drinkable

Best non alcoholic beer out there

Delicious beer, was really surprised how good it was. Gave up drinking 5 months ago and tried my fair share of alternative drinks and this has been the best I've tried, can highly recommend! Thanks all at Days!

Mixed pack of Lager & Pale Ale

Recently tried Days Lager & Pale Ale mixed pack. Just love the Pale Ale and notice that is now stocked at my local Sainsburys so I’ll be certainly be buying more. One year sober on July 7th and products like this make it easier. Congratulations on producing a great 0% beer.

Terrific brew

I’m now onto my third case and love it. It’s great tasting and refreshing & just tastes like a regular beer. After several bottles no after taste I’ve noticed in others. It’s actually refreshing have a few beers and actually feeling great.

Pale ale

Tastes just like any other pale ale with alcohol content as in it tastes good but without the bad head and lack of memory the next morning.

Cans Mixed Pack
Anthony C.
A matter of taste

Delivery was quick.
I bought the mixed can package of 12 cans.
The pale ale is amazing, need to buy more !

Lager Cans
Glynis K.

My partner doesn’t drink alcohol any longer so I decided to try Days. We were both very impressed, the service was fabulous and what’s more the lager was great! Best served really cold, it’s refreshing with none of the weird aftertaste you often get with zero alcohol beers.
Happy to say my second order arrived recently and it’s in the fridge! 😊

Lager Bottles
James M.
Days bottled lager

Easily the best 0% lager I've tasted. Ideal thirst quencher if you come in a bit parched - and only 73 calories (if you actually care about these things!). Well done Days!


The Lager and Pale Ale (especially) are really nice. Of course there is no beer buzz, but that’s kind-of the point. If you’re looking for a low/no alcomohol beer then this is the one.

Simply lovely

Very refreshing & great tasting - both products. Perfect replacement for an alcoholic beverage & that post work feeling of cracking a beer & relaxing remains very much intact.

Products arrived on time & great communication throughout.

Pale Ale hits the target

The Pale Ale hit the target with regard to its refreshingly zingy taste and 0% Alcohol.
Most enjoyable after a hot day’s activities when you need to cool down.

Pale Ale Cans
Michael O.
Top Quality non alcoholic beer

Very good, taste’s genuine.


Nice beer, hits the spot that I need on a hot summer day...whenever they turn up this year!!!