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Taster Pack
Glenn M.
Beer Me 0-0

Brilliant promotion, Brilliant service, Brilliant beer. What more could you ask for. Thank you.

Mixed pack

The pale ale is my favourite and I usually buy that. Decided to give the lager another go so got a mixed pack this time. They are both good and to be able to drive after drinking them is a benefit to me.

Great Pale Ale!

Everything just works well with these guys. The Pale Ale is great. I subscribe to a pack of cans and bottles for different situations. The customer service is flawless. Not a huge fan of the lager, but that’s personal taste. Hope the range expands!

Cans Mixed Pack
lindsay b.
First time beer buyer!

Heard about Days beer whilst listening to podcast by Fergus Crawley. My partner and I train for triathlon pretty much all year and we wanted a beer without the alcohol or calories, BUT the great taste - and these really tick all the boxes... I really like the lager and my partner prefers the pale ale. Love the fact it is a Scottish company and fully intend to support the brand:-)

You can go for Days after Days

Refreshing, both Pale Ale and Lager have subtle tasting notes, which for me is good in a drink which you can potentially drink in a session.
The branding matches the product perfectly. Subtle not too bright and classy.
Days is a great addition to my fridge and will probably not last long.

Great taste/ rapid delivery

Loving the taste of the new beer and delivery was super speedy. Also follow Fergus Crawley on youtube so the extra discount was greatly appreciated. Keep up the great work.

Pale Ale

Great tasting pale ale. Undoubtedly the best alcohol free drink I have tasted

Great beer

Loving the Days beer, so good!

Too sweet, too malty - not the best

I was really looking forward to these beers l after your Instagram advertising.

However, I was left really dissapointed with the flavour and the beer as a whole. It just didn't taste like a beer at all, especially the pale. I taste a lot of non alc beers, the closest I've found being Brulo's range.

The product really did seem at odds with your advertising inferring you'd nailed the flavour - I wish I'd sampled the beers in Tesco before placing a larger order for a party at the weekend.

Happy days

I’ve been sober for 7 months now and tried many brands and never really stuck with one or found one that I liked. This is an Unbelievable product some of the best non alcoholic drinks I’ve tried out of the two I preferred the pale ale. I will defo be purchasing again infact my mother has already ordered me another case as I’m writing this review keep up the good work and thanks again

Pale Ale Cans
Graeme C.
Good Stuff!

I got cans of the IPA delivered on the strength of the FB advert. I was not disappointed. Lovely ,refreshing beer. I've worked my way around a number of 0% beers and lagers since March this year. The Days IPA is definitely one of the best! Cheers!

Prefect alternative for active people

I found Days after finishing a 23k race in the South downs and loved the taste without the compromise of delaying my recovery. Since then I've mostly switched to it and rarely go for alcoholic versions because of how it makes me feel after and how Days allow me to keep training.

I found that both lager and pale ale taste much better when they are not very cold.

Great Pale Ale

Love the Pale Ale, Larger was OK but I am used to drinking Peronni. Great for a beer watching football and hangover/side effects.

Kick the habit!

I tried the lager first and found the taste unusual at first but very pleasant after a couple of cans. The pale is excellent, and definitely my favourite.

I’d developed a daily alcohol habit during lockdown but Days has made it very easy to kick the habit.

Looking forward to more brews, especially a dark beer!


Besf non-alcholic

I've been sweeping through all the non-alcoholics lately and I've found Days to be the best tasting and most beer like. Really impressed!

Cans Mixed Pack
Dominic M.
Nice but...

... a little too expensive for my taste. I guess water is they way to go.

Lager Cans
Gary C.
Refreshing, clean and ideal after a ride

First tried these at The Wave, clean and refreshing taste, especially when cold. Ideal post mountian bike ride.

HM Nutcase

The flavours are very good; better than the major low alcohol beers I usually use. The package was delivered promptly with good communication Fromm thr delivery firm as to when to expect it - very important when planning for its arrival.

Great beer, great service

I love beer and I have always been unimpressed with alcohol free options until this pale ale. I must confess not having tried a back to back taste test with a regular beer, but blind tasting Days pale ale is excellent. Personal point of view, it is a better taste when not too cold. It’s fab to be able to enjoy a beer and still drive! The delivery was excellent.

Pale Ale Bottles
Amanda C.
Great tasting ale ‘!

Very refreshing ale -great taste and perfect for drinking with food especially during the working week !

Lager Bottles
Blair B.
Best alcohol free beer I’ve tried

I used to think that Erdinger Blue “isotonic drink” alcohol free weiss beer was the best alcohol free beer but now that I’ve tried Days I’m convinced that they’ve cracked the code between alcohol free beer mouthfeel and texture that doesn’t leave a claggy metallic aftertaste. It’s delicious, crisp and refreshing.

Pale Ale Cans
Simon G.
Fantastic drink!

Amazing Pale Ale, this is the first truly alcohol free beer that tastes fantastic - you dont miss the alcohol at all! I love the fact that it is genuinely zero alcohol - its not one of those drinks hiding behind the fact that they are less than 0.5% so claim to be zero.

Best alcohol-free beers I’ve had

By far the best alcohol free lager and pale ales I’ve had. They have a great ‘authentic’ taste with none of the slightly metallic aftertaste many other brands have. And best of all (important for the older chap!) absolutely no diuretic affect!!

Cans Mixed Pack
Robert J.
Love it !!

It does what it says on the can. The beverage goes down and one does not feel cheated or unsatisfied. I work on a yacht. One of my favourite gigs is to have a drink up on the bow with the crew, but not to get wasted. Sipping a cola, fruit juice or a glass of water just does not do it. Your non-alcoholic beer does. The mood is good, the banter in fine form and no matter what time I decide to leave, I am the same as the mood and the banter !! :)
Keep up the good work.
Robert 'Johnno' Johnston

Cans Mixed Pack
Jeremy S.
What great Beer

I love the larger and the pale ale. I still love beer, but not the hangover or falling a sleep on the chair. This is shuch a great alternative and allows me to be social and still be active the next day.