Beer for doing

100% BEER,

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1327 reviews

What will you do with your days?

Running, riding, making, moving, shaking, working, playing, starting, finishing... Days is brewed to pair with you and your lifestyle.

100% Beer
0% Alcohol

100% beer that’s 100% natural
Only plant based ingredients
Locally sourced water and ingredients
B Corporation Certified

"The best non-alcoholic pale ale. Edinburgh brewer Days gets everything right."

"A crisp, refreshing 0.0% lager that tastes just as good as the real thing. Perfect for sipping without getting sloshed."

"Hops without the hangover: not a dream, but a reality at Days, which makes all-natural alcohol-free lager using plant-based ingredients. Ideal for having in-between regular bottles to regulate drinking, or replacing if you’re off the sauce for a bit, the brand offers lager as well as pale ale."