Pints. Pints are great. Over here, we’ve been drinking them since 1698.

568ml of beery goodness. Don’t ask us why they’re that much. They just are.

We cheers them in the good times, and sink them in the bad.

The issue is, it’s not 1698 anymore and for a fair few of us these days, there’s a lot more to beer than getting drunk.

We want to have pints on Friday and do things on Saturday morning.

We want to have pints with work and not end up on HR’s hit list.

We want to have all day pints and not send 15 messy voice notes to an ex.

So, we’ve changed pints a bit. We’ve taken out the stuff that was causing us a headache (literally), and kept the things we like.

But don’t fret. They’re still 568ml.

5 Reasons to Try
our 0.0% Beer

  • 1. It tastes great!

    Tastes like beer, looks like beer, feels like beer. It’s that simple. With a world beer award, media testimonials from the likes of the Telegraph & the Times, and over 1000+ 5 star reviews, we’re pretty happy with how things have turned out.

  • 2. Better sleep

    No one likes waking up on the wrong side of bed and, when it comes to mental and physical recovery, sleep’s our best friend. Studies show that having alcohol in your system can reduce your quality of sleep by up to 39%. Better sleep = Better Days.

  • 3. Better skin

    Excessive boozing causes your body to become dehydrated which results in bloating and dullness of the skin and eyes, among other things. So, moderating your alcohol intake may result in a glow-up.

  • 4. Better sex

    Yep, you read that right. Reckon alcohol’s an aphrodisiac? Actually it’s the opposite. Going hard on the booze reduces both men and women’s sexual sensitivity. So, take it easy on the sauce and make sure the end result is as spectacular as the fantasy.

  • 5. Better mood

    Don’t despair, we love an alcoholic drink here and there too. But, it’s not always great for our mood. Ultimately, alcohol is a depressant which disrupts the balances of chemicals and processes that our brains rely on.


We give 2% of all sales to organisations which empower fresh thinking towards mental health

We wanted to create a business that’s a force of good. Our 2% donation mirrors the Duty which alcohol companies pay the government as tax.

It’s time to open up a new conversation about alcohol and its effect on our mental and physical fitness. And we want every days sold to have a positive impact.