10 Minutes With... Jamie Clements

10 Minutes With... Jamie Clements

Most discoveries, achievements and projects start by implementing small, positive lifestyle changes that compound.

10 Minutes With... is a new series of conversations with a range of visionaries who are doing just that.

Our inaugural interview sees us discussing the trap of productivity, authenticity and the power of presence with breathwork coach, mental health ambassador and podcast host Jamie Clements.

About Jamie

Jamie started The Breath Space - a place to discover the far-reaching impact which breathwork can have on everyday life - in an effort to make the path to wellbeing and mindfulness accessible for everyone.

Jamie has also launched (and hosts) Man Down: The Anti-Man-Up Movement. The podcast focuses on men's mental health and sees him talking to inspirational men about their mental health journey to show that vulnerability isn't rooted in weakness, but in strength.

Find Jamie on Insta - @the_breath_space

Good Times

First thing's first, who would you love to have a beer with?

Has to be Russell Brand!

What does friendship mean to you?

Primarily authenticity and loyalty. Being comfortable to fully be yourself and being able to trust that someone has your back, but also knowing that they will call you out on your sh*t when necessary.

Tips on achieving a work/life balance?

Realise that 'productivity' is a trap, by getting things done more quickly, you just fill that empty space with more work in the belief that in some far off future state you'll magically be able to stop and just enjoy life. You have to focus on enjoying life right now, and that can look like whatever mix of work and life works for you.

Good Days

How do you stay physically fit?

Mainly yoga, strength training and dog walking.

What does the phrase “living a good life” mean to you?

Jimmy Carr puts it pretty brilliantly, the meaning of life is 'enjoying the passage of time'. Living a good life to me is the ability to be content with what I have at any given moment. I also really love the idea of contributing to the world and helping people, so that definitely features as a part of that. 

When do you feel like you’re really performing at your best and how do you get there?

For me it's all about presence. If I can fall into a state where my mind is solely focused on the task at hand and everything else fades away, that to me is the best version of me and the best performing version of me. Meditation and breathwork are a big part of creating those states for me, it's about making your thoughts less 'sticky' so they come and go more freely. I'm also a proud introvert, so taking plenty of time on my own to recharge is absolutely key.

Good Tomorrows

How have you got your shit together recently?

I am relearning how to slow down, it's taken some radical honesty and realisation that I need to get better at saying no to things but it's happening!

How do you manage stress levels & work on your mental fitness?

Breathwork and meditation again are both things which are staples for me. The ability to manage my stress response through my breath has genuinely been a gamechanger.

Any bad habits you’d like to kick?

Picking the skin around my nails, it's a legacy from when I suffered with anxiety and panic attacks - and generally just a bit grim! 

Wild Card

What’s one thing on your to-do list that you never get round to doing?

100% learning a new language!

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Smallest change/ biggest impact: 5 minutes of breathwork, twice a day
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