See.Think.Do. with Kaew Suppamas

See.Think.Do. with Kaew Suppamas

Most discoveries, achievements and projects start with someone envisaging a
simple idea. Before taking one small but big step.
See.Think.Do is a series of conversations with a range of visionaries who did just that.

This week we discuss meditation, avoiding burnout, rebranding and making the world a better place with Kaew (Kay) Suppamas founder of Leafage, a terrarium company on a mission to inspire inner growth by nurturing through nature.

Hey Kay! Whereabouts are you right now?

Hey! I’m in my living room in North London with a massive Fiddle Leaf fig right behind me!

What (if anything) is getting you excited right now?
Ooooh, I have a few things that I’m super excited about…!

We’re planning exciting collaborations with Leafage in the new year for the first time - which I cannot wait to share with the world!

I’m also excited for my Oura ring to arrive, Hosting my first dinner party with friends through Yangry. Renting a dress from ByRotation for Leafage Christmas dinner. My first digital detox off-grid stay at Unplugged cabin... And reading all the new non-fiction books including Rocket Fuel by Gino Wickman.

Tell us about your journey into founding Leafage. What inspired you and when did you take that first big / small step?
I help people who live in the city connect to nature through hosting urban gardening workshops where people learn to create low maintenance miniature gardens aka terrariums.

Terrarium making is perfect for anyone who is looking to add greenery to their home but may lack the knowledge, live in limited spaces or have no access to a garden! Apart from running virtual and in-person workshops and team building activities, we also do at-home DIY kits.

What inspired me to start Leafage was when I lost my father to a heart attack. He was a successful Thai entrepreneur, hard-working but neglected his health.. Leafage is built around reminding people that our wellbeing is important.

I was working as an eCommerce digital designer where I saw the potential of connecting the online world with nature. Leafage started as a passion project… a side hustle that organically became my full-time gig today.

There’s light at the end of a tunnel in every bad situation. On a personal level, I wanted to create something that would make my dad proud when he looks down from above.

What’s been your highlight to date?
Rebranding Leafage during a global pandemic. Having a successful brand is more than just nice images and a cool logo. I wanted to come out of the pandemic with high energy, and a rebrand felt right to achieve this.

pots of terrariums

What have you learnt in the last 12 months, that you could apply to your next challenge/goal?
Get 8 hours of sleep. Never rush big decisions, let them develop over time.

What’s been inspiring you recently?
Becoming a morning person and quitting snoooooozing!
I have been waking up at 6 am and meditating every morning before work… Life changing!

All the credit to living with my boyfriend, Hector Hughes, the founder of Unplugged who definitely practices what he preaches!

How do you think about mental health and what helps you manage it?
Two simples rules I live by are to keep my energy high and avoid burnout.

Feed your mind with good stuff. From what you read, watch, listen to, who you spend time with. I stopped reading the news years ago.

Exercise regularly! I love mixing things up from going to the gym, hot yoga, cycling, hiking in nature. I’ve recently found my burst of happiness during the day cycling around Regent’s Park over lunch… blissful!

Founder of Leafage Kaew (Kay)

Any bad habits you’d like to kick?
... Leaving the house during the day to get fresh air! It’s so easy to stay indoors when it’s cold outside!

How will you measure “success” in 10 years' time?
My level of happiness and self-awareness.. along with the life lessons and the relationships I’ve developed along the way. Last but not least … the impact I’ve contributed in making this world a better place. “Little drops make the mighty ocean”

What’s the next adventure?
Staying at an off-grid Lost Meadow treepod in Cornwall this Winter! I’ve created a playlist to stay here since October 2019 but lockdown got in a way.

Kaew Recommends

Top Local Spot: Hampstead Heath
Watch out for: some festive fun content at Leafage!
Best new thing: 20 mins meditation before work
Smallest change/ biggest impact: Using a Pomodoro Technique to complete tasks
Your message in a bottle:
Not mine… but “The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.” — Steve Jobs.

What's doing at Days? 
Doing: Onboarding
Wearing: Allbirds
Listening: Happy Place by Fearne Cotton
Reading: The Midnight Library

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