5 Reasons to Try
our 0.0% Beer

  • 1. It tastes great!

    Drinking Days is entering the beer universe's secret club - it tastes like beer, looks like beer, and feels like beer. Bagging a world beer award, getting nods from the Telegraph and the Times and picking up over 1000+ 5-star reviews has cemented our reputation as the best-tasting alcohol-free beer in the game. Drink up.

  • 2. Better sleep

    Not getting enough sleep is like playing Jenga with your well-being - pull out one block, and the whole tower starts to wobble. Decent sleep is the foundation of our physical & mental health, but alcohol can reduce quality of sleep by up to 39%. More Days = Better Nights.

  • 3. Better skin

    Too much booze is like taking your skin to the desert - parched, dehydrated and lacking in the vibrancy department with bloating and dullness. Want to trade that for a glow and a twinkle in your eye? Maybe rethink your drink.

  • 4. Better sex

    Believe it or not, alcohol isn't the aphrodisiac you might think. Going heavy on the booze can dial down the sensitivity for both men and women. Skip the alcohol for a more sensational experience.

  • 5. Better mood

    Don't get us wrong - we're all for the occasional tipple (or three). But it doesn't always do wonders for our mood. At its core, alcohol is a depressant, jumbling up the intricate balances of chemicals and processes that our brains need. So, toast to good times but be kind to your mind.

100% beer 0% Alcohol

100% beer that’s 100% natural
Only plant based ingredients
Locally sourced water and ingredients
B-Corporation Certified
Hops: Hallertau

Water, Malted Barley, Maltose, Hop extracts, Natural flavouring

Nutritional info per 100ml:
Energy 91kJ/22kcal, Fat 0.4g, of which saturates <0.1g, Carbohydrates 4.5g, of which sugars 2.5g, Protein 0.1g, Salt <0.1g

Hops: CTZ, Magnum & herkules

Water, Malted Barley, Maltose, Hop extracts, Natural flavouring

Nutritional info per 100ml:
Energy 91kJ/21kcal, Fat 0.3g, of which saturates <0.1g, Carbohydrates 4.5g, of which sugars 2.3g, Protein 0.2g, Salt <0.1g


We give 2% of all sales to organisations which empower fresh thinking towards mental health

We wanted to create a business that’s a force of good. Our 2% donation mirrors the Duty which alcohol companies pay the government as tax.

It’s time to open up a new conversation about alcohol and its effect on our mental and physical fitness. And we want every days sold to have a positive impact.

Customer Reviews

Based on 802 reviews

I am so used to the awful fizzy, metallic tasting 0% brews that have been offered to us over the last few years, that it has become a bit of a holy grail mission for me to find one that tastes remotely like it should. Up until now I have found 0% Guinness & 0% Cobra Beer to be the only 2 palatable beers on the market. Then I tasted the Days Pale Ale & Lager on pure spec from what Olly Smith had said about them. I trust his judgement & it turned out to be rightfully so.
The caramel & tropical fruit tones of the Pale Ale are amazingly addictive & enjoyable. The Lager is gentle & very quaffable. There is nothing between the two that put me into ‘sip gently, ditch & don’t try again!’ mode.
Well done to all involved from a Real Ale & Lager lover that always has to drive. Thank you!


Thought I'd try these, tried the Pale Ale's ok but appreciate everyone has different tastes. I will drink these. I then tried the lager, didn't like this, has minimum flavor but it did make me think I was drinking out of something that had been chemically cleaned. Service and delivery was good, no complaints. I'd definitely choose pale ale over the lager.

Jonathan L.
pale ale is awesome

pale ale is awesome, the lager - best 0% i have tasted. Exceptional product will defo be purchasing more.

emil p.
Party pack

I loved the beer. I can barely sense it's not alcoholic

Anthony W.
Low Alcohol Trip

My usual beer tipple was 4.5abv but saw a promotion for a beer at 3.8abv so bought some and found it quite pleasant which seeing as the nurse on my last check up didn't seem to like me knocking back 42 units a week made me think how low can I get and still have that beer taste so now in the process of going round all the supermarkets checking out their less than 0.5abv beers (what fun) I can honestly say I find Days up there with the best, oh and strangely enough I'm not missing the alcohol at all and I've lost over a kilo in weight, must get on beer to drink.