10 Minutes With Jono Selvadurai

10 Minutes With Jono Selvadurai

Kiwi-born, London-living Jono Selvadurai is a man of many talents. Master trainer at 1Rebel, wellness coach and performer, Jono manages to somehow pack in a lot. From fitness to coaching, acting to comedy improvising and dance... we were lucky Jono managed to find some time to have a beer with us for 10 Minutes.

Cat and Aidan caught up with Jono over a cold beer for our 10 Minutes With series.

Our guests have 10 minutes to answer 10 questions. It’s all about having a laugh, chatting with friends, and sharing some advice over a 0.0% beer.


1. Ok so first question is a tough one. What are you drinking? Lager or pale ale?

Jono: I’m drinking the lager. It’s my favourite one I’m not gonna lie. I’m normally a pale ale drinker but I’m loving the lager. It’s the colour as well - I’m really into this green-y colour at the moment so already I’m more into it.

2. So next up, who would you love to have a beer with (dead or alive)?

Ah, okay, there's like two that come to mind. One would be Jerry Seinfeld. And the other would be Tina Fey. There would be heaps of comedy, heaps of jokes and obviously I think they’re quite down to earth people and rather humble. So I'm here for that.

3. You've just become the landlord of a pub, your pub, your rules. What's the first rule you'll put into place?

Okay, this needs to be a good one. I think there should be a rule that people have got to do something before they sit down... like a puzzle or tic tac toe before you can come in... not like a huge jigsaw puzzle but some form of a game, it’s a slight rule so that you’re already having fun before you come into the pub.

There could also be different levels of difficulty so that if you’ve had a bit to drink already you can go for an easy one and if you’re up for a challenge you can pick a hard one.

JONO SELVADURAI fitness instructor

4. It’s Friday night in your pub... You've done the puzzle you're in - What is on the jukebox?

I'm gonna go for a Fleetwood Mac song. It's gonna fit everywhere... Dreams by Fleetwood Mac. I think that's gonna be first up at all times. In fact, Fleetwood Mac at all times, not just first.

5. You're now a high fashion designer. What trend do you bring back?

I wish we would wear more hats, not like peaky blinder hats, but 1920s style hats. I wish I could have a top hat that I could wear to my pub. I also feel like we need to bring back fedoras. Not a fedora that says ‘I’m going to a festival fedora’ but a ‘day to day’ fedora.


6. Yeah, we like that! Okay, this question’s a little bit deeper... what is a quote or mantra in general that you try to live your life by?

A mantra that I definitely always use is, ”all is well” or “I’m good and I’m healthy” and I say this on repeat. I think it just kind of reminds you to like 'clear down'.

7. Okay, carrying on the trend of really deep questions. Pork scratchings or lentil crisps?

Lentil crisps. Yeah. I'm not really a big pork scratchings fan I'll be perfectly honest. But the saltier the better really when it comes to crisps.

8. What's the least important thing? That's very important to you right now.

Ooh this is like a riddle! I'm gonna say it's actually my houseplants.

I’ve just put them all into the bathroom because I'm going away and I'm worried that it's going to be like Real Housewives episode in there... that they're not going to get along because they're now in close quarters together.

I've sent a two minute voice note to the person who's watering them and saying stuff like “I hope they're okay!”

I think I'm also most worried that I talk to my plants quite a lot and that that’s quite lonely behaviour?! I don't know. I live on my own as well... But I live with 16 other sassy little plants.


9. That was a perfect answer. Okay, what is your go to activity when you need to get some kind of headspace?

It's a walk. I live by the canal and by Victoria Park which is handy. Just being near water which is kind of hard to find in London.

It's a walk, it's a good podcast and then just fully trying to escape myself away.

10. We ask all of our guests to do something they've never before never done before within the next day. So you've got 24 hours to do it. What will you do with yours?

I think I’m gonna watch Emily in Paris season 2... which I wouldn’t normally do. That or as I’m about to jump on a long-haul flight - sitting still for 20 hours!

There you go friends. 10 questions in 10 minutes with the oh-so-charming Jono. Stay up to date with what Jono's up to through his Instagram here.

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