10 Minutes With Sophie Hellyer

10 Minutes With Sophie Hellyer

Where do we begin when describing Sophie Hellyer? The former professional surfer (with numerous prestigious surfing titles) is now also a freelance writer, yoga teacher and host of women’s retreats.

Sophie is one of those rare influencers who genuinely and passionately uses her platform as a force for good to talk about environmental or social issues and promote other people's campaigns. We count ourselves seriously lucky to have stolen away 10 Minutes of Sophie's time to have a beer with us as part of our 10 Minutes With series.

Our guests have 10 minutes to answer 10 questions. It’s all about having a laugh, chatting with friends, and sharing some advice over a 0.0% beer.

Sophie Hellyer drinking alcohol free beer on the beach in Cornwall

1. Ok so first question is a tough one. Which beer do you prefer? Lager or pale ale? And why?

Sophie: Lager - If I was drinking an alcoholic beer it would be lager and Days is the only alcohol free lager that I like!

2. We love to hear it. So, who would you love to have a beer with (dead or alive)?

Caitlin Moran hands down. She’s just so funny and is an incredible feminist. The fact she’s from a working class background just makes her all the more inspirational.

Caitlin’s book ‘How to Build a Woman' was like my introduction to feminism. I remember reading it and thinking, "this is what feminism is!"

3. Couldn’t agree more, we are huge fans of Caitlin. So, you’ve just become the landlord of a pub, your pub, your rules. What's the first rule you'll put into place?

I actually think I’d want an alcohol free pub. I’d just really love to have a place to hang out and socialise where people don’t have to drink but can still come together and have fun… this might not be popular but I reckon it’s worth a try!

Sophie Hellyer swimming in the Cornish sea

4. Hopefully some Days might be stocked in that pub too! So, it’s Friday night in your pub… What is on the jukebox?

I reckon anything in the soft-rock/ folk-rock genre… definitely some Fleetwood Mac!

5. You're now a high fashion designer. What trend do you bring back?

I’m not sure if these were actually ever in trend in order for me to bring them back… but I want Dryrobes and Crocs. They’re perfect for every situation, on the beach, in the water, walking around your garden… everything.

6. We might still need some persuading on the Crocs…This question’s a little bit deeper - What is a quote or mantra in general that you try to live your life by?

"Don’t sweat the small stuff” - I always try to remember this.

When the big shit happens, then you’ve got a reason to flip out. But the small, every day things… I try not to let them phase me.

Sophie Hellyer cold water swimming

7. Okay, carrying on the trend of really deep questions. Pork scratchings or lentil crisps?

Lentil Crisps because, short answer - I’m a vegetarian.

I used to live and work on a farm and had a pet pig called Norman which I (actually my friend) trained to sit for a polo mint. Since then I’ve never been able to eat meat - especially pork!

8. What's the least important thing that's very important to you right now?

Surfing - it’s the least important thing because I can’t go as I’ve got a new born baby to look after. Since giving birth I also don’t fit into any of my wetsuits at the moment and - to top it all off - I twisted my knee giving birth... but I used to do it all the time and love it which is why it’s also so important to me. I’ve just got to push that out of my mind for now.

Sophie Hellyer surfing

9. Okay, what is your go to activity when you need to get some kind of headspace?

Cold water swimming - every-time.

10. We ask all of our guests to do something they've never before never done before within the next day. So you've got 24 hours to do it. What will you do with yours?

I'm going to try and combine two hobbies which is to meditate using the headspace app whilst I'm in the bath… I want to start replacing the times I’m scrolling through Instagram (the bath, sitting in the car etc.) with meditation.

There it is. 10 questions in 10 minutes with the inspiring Sophie Hellyer. Check out what Sophie's up to through her Instagram here.

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